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Q-Mag® principle


The Q-Mag® construction.The magnet is shown in the center (3), fully enclosed by the Archimedes screw (2).

The fluid enters at A and spirals around the magnet (blue arrows) upward to outlet B, bringing every particle within the magnetic field for at least 2 seconds.

The rotation of the magnet, in combination with the Archimedes screw, creates a screw conveyor which continuously transports the particles on the surface of the magnet to the bottom end where they fall into the collection chamber.

A sensor detects when the sludge chamber is full and starts the sludge discharge sequence.

Sludge discharge sequence.

The Q-Mag® operating principle.

The above diagram shows the operating principle:

  1. The sludge chamber is empty: valve a is open, valve b is closed.
  2. The sludge falls from the magnet into the sludge chamber, onto valve b.
  3. The sensor detects that the sludge chamber is full; valve a is closed
  4. Valve b is opened and the sludge chamber is emptied by blowing out nay material, using pressurized air.
  5. Valve b closes and valve a can be opened again.