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Self adjusting

The Q-Filter control diagramAs with any system of a similar complexity, there are a lot of parameters that control how Q-Filter® behaves and responds to changes in the process conditions. Imagine having to adjust these parameters to find the best settings for a specific application. And what if the process parameters change or you want to use a different filter cloth.

Not an issue at all with Q-Filter® because it is completely self-adjusting. It continually monitors the process and determines what vacuum to apply, at which point the filter cloth shall be indexed and how much the filter cloth is indexed. Dynamically, which means, that if you have fluctuating process parameters, Q-Filter® will continuously readjust, following the fluctuations, for optimal performance.

In some applications a reduction in filter cloth usage of more than 33%  was observed once the dynamic behaviour was enabled.

And what is very nice too: no start-up adjustment procedure. Connect it, turn it on and start using it!