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Q-Mag® magnetic separator

Photo of a Q-Mag® magnetic separator.Q-Mag® is the solution to effectively use magnets in your process. Remove chips and metal particles from your coolant or cleaning fluid easily,  without having to clean the magnet time and again. With Q-Mag® it is all automatic!

The Q-Mag® uses a single, rotating magnet in combination with a fixed mounted Archimedes screw. This creates a screw conveyor which continuously transports anything deposited on the surface of the magnet to the bottom end. Metal particles do not get a chance to build up on the magnet and cover it completely. The magnetic field  can stretch out fully into the medium circling around the magnet at all times.

The medium spirals around the magnet, that way bringing every particle within the magnetic field for at least 2 seconds. The result is an extremely efficient separation of even the finest magnetizable particles. The sludge chamber is emptied automatically, without interrupting the flow or removing the magnet.



Q-Mag® model QM-05.

The QM-05 in standard configuration; without control panel.The QM-05 has a single housing with a process path length of 0,9 m. That is the distance the fluid travels from inlet to outlet, which gives a process time of 2 seconds at a flow of 5 m3/h.

The capacity is specified at 0-10m3/h, but the actual capacity depends on the particle sizes and the required separation rate. The larger a particle, the the stronger the particle is attacted by the magnet and the faster it travels through the fluid to the surface of the magnet. If there are only few small particles, or if it is not necessary to separate the finest particles, a higher flow, up to 15m3/h, is possible.

There is no risk of particles being ripped off from the surface of the magnet again, because of a higher flow. Because the magnet is continuously kept free from deposited material, particles will always be directly on the surface of the magnet, where the strength is maximal.

The magnet-system is constructed from base magnets with a flux density of 13.000 Gauss. The resulting magnetic system has a flux density, at the surface, of 6.000 Gauss and 6 separate poles. The total magnetized surface is 6,5 dm2.

Technical details

Model QM-05
Capacity 0-10 m3/h
Pressure drop < 0,1 bar at 10 m3/h
Separation rate >98% at 10 m3/h
Height 1290 mm
Max. width 400 mm
Weight 80 kg
Energy consumption* < 0,25 W
Inlet DN40
Outlet DN40
Sludge outlet DN80

* magnet drive only





The Q-Mag® configuration.The Q-Mag® is available in various configurations. Sludge chamber inlet and outlet valve, sludge sensor and purge valve are always part of the configuration, as wel as the drive for the magnet.

Depending on the requirements the system can be fitted with a control panel or a terminal box. An other option are the valve position sensors on the sludge chamber inlet and outlet valves which allow monitoring of the valves open or closed status and is used to prevent both valves from being (partially) open at the same time.

The configuration can be completed with a feed pump or an inlet shut-off valve. Control of these items is included in the standard control system. It is also possible to install the Q-Mag® on the suction side of a pump. In that case it is important to make sure air can not remain captures in the piping. An (automatic) venting system may be required.