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Photo of the QF-300 filter.

The QF-300 is the larger of the Q-Filter® active vacuum filters. Still, the floor space requirement is less than 2,5 m2, while the capacity is as high as 30 m3/h. It uses 1000 mm wide filter cloth on a role. The maximum length on a role depends on the weight and thickness of the cloth, but the holding bay for the role can easily hold 75 m of a 1,4 mm thick, 290 gr/m2 filter cloth.

Given the capacity, the system is very compact, and due to the excellent sealing of the clean tank, the exhauster remains small and the energy consumption low. Especially compared to alternative systems.

Installation is very simple and only requires connecting the inlet and outlet piping plus instrument air and electric power supply. There is no initial setup required; the unit is fully self adjusting. Connect it - run it!

Technical details

Model QF300
Material SS 304L
Length 1510 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 1800 mm
Weight 850 kg
Capacity 30 m3/h
Width filter cloth 1000 mm
Pump capacity **
Power consumption * 2.5kW
Vacuum capacity - 200 mbar

* exclusive effluent pump

** depends on the application