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Photo of the QF-150.

 The QF-150 is the smaller of the Q-Filter®active vacuum filter. Still, with a floor space requirement of only 1,5 m2, it is able to filter up to 15 m3/h. It uses 500mm wide filter cloth on a role. The maximum length on a role depends on the weight and thickness of the cloth, but the holding bay for the role can easily hold 75 m of a 1,4 mm thick, 290 gr/m2 filter cloth.

Being so compact, and due to the excellent sealing of the clean tank, it needs only a small exhauster, which makes the system very energy-efficient.

Installation is very simple and only requires connecting the inlet and outlet piping plus instrument air and electric power supply. There is no initial setup required; the unit is fully self adjusting. Connect it - run it!

Technical details

Model QF150
Material SS 304L
Length 1510 mm
Width 1050 mm
Height 1800 mm
Weight 550 kg
Capacity 15 m3/h
Width filter cloth 500 mm
Pump capacity **
Power consumption * 1 kW
Vacuum capacity - 200 mbar

* exclusive effluent pump

** depends on the application