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Filter cloth

Photo of the filter cloth rol on a Q-Filter®It is essential that the Q-Filter® is used with the right filter cloth. The two together make the system and its performance depends on both. Therefore we put a lot of effort into testing and evaluating different types of filter cloth and over the years we have tested more than 50 different types.

Because the performance of a Q-Filter® depends completely on the filter cloth used, all our systems are supplied with our recommended filter cloth. We expect you to use this cloth until the system has proven itself and you are satisfied with the results. After that you can use whatever type of cloth you want, although we strongly recommend to continue using the cloth that has proven itself. If you decide to use a different type of filter cloth, we obviously can not guarantee the results.

There are many different types of filter cloth, and most could be used on a Q-Filter®, but to really use the capabilities of the Q-Filter®, it is recommended to use a so called 'high-performance' filter cloth. This type of cloth is thicker than usual and has a layered structure which enables what is called 'depth filtration'. The top layer (dirt side) of this type of cloth has a more open structure, which becomes more and more dense towards the bottom side of the cloth (clean side). The combination of this type of filter cloth with the high, and continuously controlled, vacuum of the Q-Filter®, gives excellent results. Even with high efficiencies, filtering particles size 5µ and smaller, filter usage is limited and filtration will be economical.

You will find only a limited number of different types of cloth here because these, if used with Q-Filter®, have proven to give the best performance in 95% of the applications. It is possible that in your situation these types of filter cloth are not satisfactory. If that is the case we will find a more suitable filter cloth for you. First we will do some laboratory test, to see which types of cloth give a better result, and than we will supply sample material for testing on the Q-Filter®. If you change to a different type of filter cloth, any unused filter cloth will be taken back.



The different types of filter cloth for use on the Q-Filter® systems.